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Health Updates for
La Petite Baleen Swim Schools

Health Updates for
La Petite Baleen Swim Schools



  • Face coverings are strongly recommended, but not required (as of 3/4/22).
  • Parents that get in the water with their baby/toddler have the option to wear a face shield, which we sell onsite for $5 plus tax.


All La Petite Baleen staff members are highly encouraged to get vaccinated, boosted, and self-test.


Yes. The CDC issued guidance that it is safe to swim as the virus cannot be spread via properly chlorinated and maintained pool water. Every LPB pool meets these health standards.

There has been no spread of COVID-19 at any of our
locations since the School began reopening its various facilities starting in June 2020.


In Half Moon Bay, we have fresh outside air entering the pool room from windows located in our women’s changing room, men’s changing room, changing room hallway, and windows on the east wall of our pool room. All of this fresh air then flows westward through the pool room and is exhausted out.


In San Bruno, we have fresh outside air entering our pool room on the North wall soffit and it flows across the pool room and is exhausted from the exhaust vents located on the South wall soffit.


In Redwood City, we have fresh outside air entering our pool room from the roof that is supplied to the room via the large blue duct running along the length of the ceiling in the pool room. This fresh pool room air is supplied to the pool room and also moves through the hallway towards the changing rooms. The air is then exhausted out from exhaust fans located in each of the changing rooms as well as an exhaust located on the North wall of the pool room.

Our HVAC system at our San Francisco location distributes fresh outside air to our entire facility providing a consistent movement of fresh air.


We have a day crew that is responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of restrooms and high-touch areas using CDC recommended sanitizers.


We are following the guidelines provided by the CDC and San Mateo County Health Department. Treating our water with the recommended concentration of chlorine as well as a secondary disinfection method using Ultra Violet light.

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