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Childrens Swim Sessions at La Petite Baleen Swim Schools in San Francisco, CA


Each Level focuses on specific areas for development and achievement. Click to view our Waverly Whale Level Reports complete with Homework Suggestions to help your child develop and advance through each level.  Each swimming class level also includes a video showing Homework Suggestions below.

If you would like to get a detailed report on your swimmer’s progress, you may request a Progress Report by filling out a Parent-Teacher Communication Form or speak with the Deck Support at your next lesson.


Level 1: Water Acclimation

Your child is learning the basics of swimming and this starts with emotional readiness and proper breath control. Students should hold their breath with a proper Balloon Face – no blowing bubbles

Download Level 1 Report & Homework

Level 2: Basic Water Safety

Level 2 is the most important level at LPB because it’s where students learn how to come up for air while moving forward through the water and how to swim and float on their backs. Fins are weaned away in Level 2, so you will see a lot of repetition as your child’s teacher reinforces skills with one and eventually no fins.

Download Level 2 Report & Homework

Level 3: Confidence Building

In Level 3, we address safety and work on endurance, prepping students for the introduction of strokes in Level 4. Your child will venture to deeper water to learn jumps, dives, and treading. They’ll also learn how to swim underwater and how to jump into the pool and get back to the wall without goggles.

Download Level 3 Report & Homework

Level 4 & 5: Stroke Introduction and Development

In Level 4, students learn the basics of the four competitive strokes. Freestyle and Backstroke will come together completely while Breaststroke and Butterfly will be limited to building core strength and the foundational kicks needed to move on to Level 5. In Level 5, swimmers put together the four competitive strokes as well as Sidestroke (a safety skill) and a Racing Dive to Underwater Wiggle-butts (dolphin kicks). Upon completion of Level 5, students have graduated from LPB’s learn-to-swim program. Hip, hip, HOORAY!

Download Level 4 Report & Homework

Download Level 5 Report & Homework