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Swim Class For Adults in San Francisco, CA

Adult Swimming Classes in San Francisco Bay Area

Learn to Swim at La Petite Baleen

It’s never too late to learn how to swim, even as an adult. If you missed out on swimming lessons as a child or wish to learn the four competitive strokes, our professional adult classes at La Petite Baleen can help you ace the basics of aquatic movement and feel more comfortable in the water.

Types of Adult Swim Lessons

Our team at La Petite Baleen offers several types of swimming lessons to suit a wide variety of swimmers. All of our adult classes are for individuals 18 and older. If you’re unsure of which option is best for you, please feel free to contact us.

  • Adult Beginner: If you’re a total beginner, you can kickstart your swim lessons in our Adult Beginner courses. You’ll learn the best techniques for breathing and buoyancy, as well as floating, kicking, and gliding movements that will prepare you to tackle the four strokes. Many of our adult beginners are ready to advance to the next level within 10 to 12 lessons, although the number of sessions will vary from person to person. It all depends on your comfort level – you will never be encouraged to join a class you do not feel ready to attend.
  • Adult Intermediate: If you’re already comfortable in the water but are looking for a deeper understanding of swimming techniques, you’ll feel right at home in our Adult Intermediate swim lessons. These sessions will teach you how to tread water and swim with a back or front stroke.
  • Adult Advanced: Our highest level of adult swim classes, our Adult Advanced lessons are perfect for established swimmers who wish to work on fine-tuning their technique. Topics include butterfly stroke, diving, and flip turns.

Meet Our Experienced Teachers

Our professional swim instructors at La Petite Baleen are highly trained in the art of swim education and AQUATIC CLASSROOMSM management. Each of our staff members attends several intensive clinics and is required to complete 40 hours of “team teaching” with a senior mentor teacher. We regularly host in-house staff meetings, study sessions, and in-pool clinics to ensure that our instructors remain at the cutting-edge of their craft. In addition to our caring and experienced teachers, we also have staff members and lifeguards that are fully certified in CPR and first aid.

Things to Remember When Choosing an Instructor

At La Petite Baleen, we know that you learn best when you feel comfortable and safe. That’s why we allow our adult students to choose their instructor from our roster of highly qualified teachers. When selecting your instructor, remember to take stock of your experience level and your personal goals. Certain teachers may be better suited for complete beginners, while others may be the perfect fit for advanced swimmers. If you are not certain which of our instructors is right for you, we are more than happy to help you select a teacher or make a recommendation.

Our Goals for Adult Swim Lessons

  • Standing Diving: Learn how to safely perform a standing dive.
  • Intro to the 4 Strokes: Discover the four competitive swim strokes.
  • Survival Skill Testing: Find out what to do in case of an aquatic emergency.
  • General Pool Safety: Learn how to keep yourself and your neighbors safe while swimming.

Contact La Petite Baleen

Are you ready to take the plunge? Learn how to swim in a caring and nurturing environment with our adult swim lessons at La Petite Baleen. We have four locations in the Bay Area to better serve your needs. For more information about our swim lessons or to book your first class, call our Half Moon Bay location at 650-276-0882, our San Francisco location at 415-653-0491, our San Bruno location at 650-763-8982, or our Redwood City location at 650-562-6355.


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