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La Petite Baleen Policies and Waiver Agreement


  • I understand that registering online does not guarantee enrollment in the requested class. Placement and age requirements must be met. La Petite Baleen will inform me if a class change needs to be made.
  • La Petite Baleen cannot guarantee teacher requests and teacher’s schedules are subject to change at any time.
  • If La Petite Baleen contacts me regarding my child(ren)’s attendance and I fail to respond, my enrollment may be canceled.
  • La Petite Baleen reserves the right in its sole discretion to consolidate classes for logistic or any other reason including, but not limited to, low enrollment and/or instructor or facility availability.
  • All children under the age of 3 must wear a reusable swim diaper while attending lessons.
  • La Petite Baleen does not offer credits or refunds for missed lessons.
  • All enrolled students receive two free make-up lessons per season and an absence is not required to utilize them.
  • La Petite Baleen reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel enrollment, for any lawful reason.

Payment Details & Billing Authorization


  • Customers paying tuition for ongoing perpetual lessons will have their accounts automatically debited on the 1st of every month.
  • A monthly tuition billing cycle is considered 4 weeks.
  • If/when a class meets more than the standard number of days, you will be charged for the extra week of lessons. The class management software system will calculate your per class rate to determine the additional tuition charge (if any).
  • I authorize La Petite Baleen to deduct from my account for the monthly tuition which may vary due to: an extra week in the billing cycle, unexpected pool closures, holidays, rejected accounts, etc.
  • Payment for your first month tuition is required as part of your initial enrollment. If lessons start in the middle of a billing period, the monthly tuition will be prorated.
  • There is a $50.00 non-refundable annual membership fee, per student. This fee is due at the time of registration and deducted on the anniversary of your child’s start date every year following while enrolled in swim lessons at La Petite Baleen.
  • If you initially enroll using a promotion, your enrollment will automatically continue at the regular monthly tuition rate once your promotion period has ended unless a cancellation form is submitted.
  • A 10% sibling/family discount is applied towards accounts that have 3 or more children enrolled, or 3 or more active enrollments. Only siblings and/or children living under the same roof with the same guardian should be registered under the same swim account.
  • All fees are due in full prior to the next month’s automatic debit. If all fees are not paid in full by the financial deadline given, you will be removed from the swim schedule.
  • La Petite Baleen agrees to give a 30-day notice to customers in the event of a tuition rate change.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read, received, and understood all of the above terms and that, I hereby agree to all terms therein on behalf of myself and the minor children listed on my swim

Make-Up Lessons


  • All enrolled students will receive two free make-up lessons per season for each class enrollment.
  • An absence is not required to utilize a make-up lesson, a make-up can also be scheduled for additional swim time.
  • Make-ups may be redeemed by any enrolled swimmer on your account.
  • Any unused make-ups remaining at the end of each season on your account will expire.
  • Make-up lessons do not have any cash value, can not be transferred to other families, will not accumulate or roll-over if unused, and become void if dropping from enrollment.
  • These lessons may be booked up to 7 days in advance, subject to availability, and may not be rescheduled.
  • Seasons are: September 1 – November 30, December 1 – February 28, March 1 – May 31, and June 1 – August 31.

Cancellation Policy


  • You may stop your lessons at any time. By canceling, your child(ren) will be removed from our learn to swim program.
  • A cancellation form is required and must be submitted online through our website in order to be removed from the swim schedule and stop automatic payments.
  • Verbal requests over the phone or in-person will not be honored.
  • Accounts are charged on the 1st of every month.
  • If you cancel in the middle of a billing period, a LPB credit for any remaining lessons will be added onto your swim account.
  • To avoid being charged for the next month, you must submit your cancellation request by the 25th of the previous month.
  • All cancellations are final.

Waiver of Liability

Notice: All customers are required to agree to this Liability Waiver & Release/Consent Form as
a condition of and prior to entering any La Petite Baleen program, event, or activity. PLEASE

I, on behalf of myself, my minor children, and/or any other minor children for whom I am the
guardian ad litem, do hereby agree and acknowledge as follows:


  • To fully waive, release, discharge, and hold harmless La Petite Baleen and its officers, directors, employees, agents, attorneys, successors, assigns, insurers, and each of them, from any and all claims, actions, judgments, liens, indebtedness, damages, losses, liabilities, accidents, illnesses, injuries, or death, of whatsoever kind and character, whether legal or equitable, before any administrative body, court, or other proceeding, whether or not known, suspected or claimed, that I and the minor children listed on my swim account, had, or now have, by reason of, on account of, or arising out of, the use of La Petite Baleen’s facilities and swimming pools, participation in any swimming program or any other event or service provided by La Petite Baleen, or traveling to and from a La Petite Baleen facility or event or program, and thereafter.
  • This waiver and release shall not extend to any harm arising out of, or caused by, any acts or omissions of La Petite Baleen, or its officers, agents or employees, for which it/they are grossly
    negligent or violating the law.
  • That, by agreeing to this waiver and release, I am assuming full responsibility on behalf of myself and the minor children listed on my swim account, for all risks of injury or loss which may result from participation in any La Petite Baleen activity or program, or from coming onto any La Petite Baleen premises, to the maximum extent that can be assumed under California law.
  • That I, together with the minor children listed on my swim account, have not failed to disclose to La Petite Baleen any medical, physical, mental or emotional health condition that would result in harm arising out of participation in any La Petite Baleen program or activity, or that would hinder or prevent such participation.
    (La Petite Baleen provides full and equal access to its facilities and services in accordance with applicable law, and fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.)
  • In the event of an emergency, I, on behalf of myself, my minor children, and/or any other minor children for whom I am the guardian ad litem, do hereby grant La Petite Baleen, and its
    representatives and employees, permission to employ licensed physicians and/or health care providers, and licensed hospitals or health care facilities, to render medical assistance/treatment
    to myself and the minor children listed on my swim account. I further acknowledge and agree that neither La Petite Baleen, nor any of its representatives and employees, may be held liable
    under any circumstance to any party for providing such medical assistance/treatment in the event of an emergency.


  • I hereby acknowledge that photos and videos may be taken of participants in La Petite Baleen activities, including of myself and the minor children listed on my swim account, and that such photos and videos may be used for La Petite Baleen staff training and/or advertising purposes, without compensation to me and my minor children. I understand and agree that all such photos and videos are the sole and exclusive property of La Petite Baleen. I further acknowledge that La Petite Baleen may use such photos and videos of me and/or the minor children listed on my swim account unless and until I contact an appropriate La Petite Baleen staff person and withdraw my consent to such use in writing.


  • While on La Petite Baleen premises, La Petite Baleen employees may not arrange or accept any payment, gifts, rewards, monies or gratuities of any kind from a La Petite Baleen customer (except for token gifts based solely on an employee’s work performance); La Petite Baleen policies exist for the purpose of preventing conflicts of interest, preventing favoritism, negatively impacting employee judgements and impartiality, and other potential negative consequences. I agree that while on La Petite Baleen premises or during La Petite Baleen programs, events, or activities, I will not solicit any La Petite Baleen employee for work or services (paid or unpaid), including baby-sitting or private swim lessons, even though such activity may occur outside of La Petite Baleen premises.